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Vinnie Vincent cleared of assault charge

Vinnie Vincent has been cleared of an aggravated assault charge following an alleged bust-up with his wife in May, 2011.

The guitarist was detained by cops at his home in Tennessee over allegations he had become embroiled in an altercation with his long term partner Diane Cusan. He was later freed on $10,000 bail.

Vincent has now issued a statement via his YouTube.com account.

He writes, “I thank you for helping me face my darkest struggle. You were there during my loneliest time when I was hopelessly lost with no direction… Your message of love became the moments that I will always remember… I am happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed. Unfortunately and very sadly I was falsely charged…

“To all of the ‘truly genuine’ friends and fans who sent me their heartfelt messages of support and love during my hurting time, I will answer each of you. I ask that you give me some time.”


  1. Followup:

    The Nashville Scene reports the case has been temporarily “retired” for a year, eventually giving the guitarist an opportunity to “petition the Court to dismiss [the] case and expunge the pertinent records as provided by law,” in exchange for undergoing eight hours of anger-management therapy.

    Vinnie has until a December 5 court date to meet his anger-management therapy requirements in the case.

  2. I hope Vinny and his family are doing well.


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