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Grand Funk Axeman Talks San Diego & July 2 Del Mar Gig

Bruce Kulick(sandiegoreader.com By Jay Allen Sanford) "I love playing San Diego, you can’t beat the weather and the laid back atmosphere,” said guitarist Bruce Kulick earlier this week. He'll be performing with Grand Funk Railroad on Saturday, July 2, at the Fair in Del Mar.

After logging more consecutive years of any KISS member not named Simmons or Stanley, Kulick found himself replaced by Tommy Thayer, who replaced Ace Frehley, platforms and all.

“I liked playing the [San Diego] Sports Arena with KISS; the fans were always great, nothing infamous that stands out, no real weirdoes. I definitely remember the beach girls backstage!”

The amount of time to savor the weather and scenery was limited by KISS’ hectic touring schedule. “If the tour was based in Los Angeles, we’d hang out for a little bit and then head a couple hours to Los Angeles to rest up for the next date.”

After leaving KISS, Kulick had plenty of opportunities. Aside from touring with Grand Funk Railroad for the past 11 years, Kulick released a solo album BK3 and jammed with fellow KISS alumni /current Catman impersonator Eric Singer.

He also participates in Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp. For a price, campers can jam with touring rock stars and open events for established acts. “It’s very cool, we get to jam with these amazing musicians who have chosen other professions, but still love music and are just incredible.”

“Every city Grand Funk plays, I’ll be meeting up with someone that I met through the Fantasy Camp.”

One such musician is San Diego’s Barry Rosenbaum, founding member and keyboard player of Thunder Road, a local Springsteen tribute which has been nominated for Best Cover band at the San Diego Music Awards in August.

“Barry is one hell of a keyboard player, I really can’t say enough for his talents. Great guy too. We played his birthday party at this little town near Del Mar.”

When I ask if he means Solana Beach, Kulick becomes enthusiastic, “Yeah! That’s it. What a perfect place. You have the beach, everyone is cool, little shops and good food near a great club.”

Kulick says he believes the Belly Up is where the birthday party for Rosenbaum took place. “Thunder Road is playing there next week, doing a Clarence Clemons tribute. It’s a charity show for littlekidsrock.org to get instruments. You should check it out.”

Fair ‘nuff – YOU should check out Grand Funk Railroad in Del Mar on Saturday, with Kulick alongside original members Don Brewer and Mel Schacher.

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