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Paul Stanley applies can-do attitude to life

Paul Stanley feels a strong connection to the title character of “The Phantom of the Opera,” and not just because he has spent nearly 40 years onstage with his face covered in paint.

“Here’s somebody who has a disfigurement that they’re covering, and they’re trying to reach out to a woman, and as much as they want to do it, they don’t know how,” Stanley said.

“Well, that pretty much summed up my life, you know. Only I wasn’t living in a dungeon under an opera house.”

That’s because the 62-year old musician was born with a congenital deformity that left him deaf in one ear, making it hard for him to communicate or do well in school.

The recently inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer describes his long and sometime painful journey from his “less than optimal childhood” in New York City to the mega-success of rocking all night and partying every day with Kiss in his autobiography, “Face the Music: A Life Exposed” (Harper One).

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