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Current KISS lead gutarist Tommy Thayer plays in a reunion concert with his old band 'Black N Blue' at the Roseland Theater, in Portland, Oregon Gene Simmons is the host of the event that was held to help raise support for Jeff Young, brother of BNB bass player Patrick Young who has Lou Gehrigs disease.

Gene Simmons appears on the premiere episode of 'Star Travel' on the Travel Channel.

Paul Stanley holds a second Art Gallery Show in Maui, Hawaii. During the show, Paul announces that he has signed with Universal Music Group to release his second solo album, 'Live to Win'.

Season 6 of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' premeieres on AE-TV

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed-Simmons attend a special event at KISS Monster Mini Golf to promot a special Fathers Day special at the attraction. Gene also announce at the event that KISS and FAMILY GUY will produce co-branded merchendise items.

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