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Radio stations ban Gene Simmons music after controversial suicide comments

@GeneSimmons is known for his outrageous remarks, but it seems this time the KISS musician may have crossed the line. In an interview with Songfacts.com at the end of last month, Simmons suggested that those who suffer with depression should kill themselves, sparking outrage.

Several radio stations, including Power97 and BobFM in Canada declared that they will no longer play KISS music, as did leading Australian station Triple M – which owns five metropolitan stations across the country. As the fallout continues, New York’s longtime WPYX DJ Uncle Vito has too joined the fray in banning Simmons’s songs.

The hashtag “#BanGene” has also sprung up on social media, generating hundreds of angry tweets such as “as a sufferer of depression & long time listener I love seeing the stand that @Power97 is taking against crapbags like Gene Simmons,” and “Gene Simmons comments made me want to throw up.” One person even went as far as to say that he “may have just destroyed his career with one comment.”

“Why share thoughts like that on such a touchy topic? wrong wrong wrong,” the tweeter continued.

The rocker has shut down his Twitter account, and his rep did not respond to a request for further comment.

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