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Gene Simmons Brings The Vault to Detroit Fans

Detroit, MI- The air outside John Varvatos is charged with simmering excitement. A small crowd of both young and old stand next the richly decorated building that is this high-end clothing store. A secret resides within; to this crowd it is known. GENE SIMMONS is here. “The 70s changed the game” says Mason, a younger Man who probably wasn’t born when the band KISS, the Band which made Simmons famous, was created.

Rock music is almost defined by the music of KISS & Simmons. “A Great Experience” said Middle-aged Brian who stood in line to get into THE VAULT EXPERIENCE he bought- A collection of special music Simmons is hand delivering. This cold winter day these people have come to down to here because Rock Legend Gene Simmons is here to see them! Strange you ask? The answer is here…

The idea of bringing music and mini-concerts seems to be another outstanding idea of GENE SIMMONS INC as this reporter likes to call him. Just like Metro-Detroit, cool ideas from successful businesspersons seems to be flooding the up-and-coming City. This product called “THE VAULT EXPERIENCE” is a $2000 mini-suitcase full of Mr. Simmons’ original music and more…for the purchase price he will come and perform a mini concert for the lucky few at cities around the Country!

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