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Gene Simmons Family Jewels (Season 1)

What do you get when you combine Gene Simmons, the tongue-wagging demon of KISS, with Shannon Tweed, a former Playmate Of The Year? How about a loving, caring family with two normal, well-adjusted teenage children. This new 13-episode A&E series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, is full of surprises as viewers see the other side of a rich and famous rock star's life. Gene and Shannon have been happily unmarried for 23 years and have no plans to change that arrangement any time soon. Gene is a high-powered celebrity and a multi-media magnate, but he also takes Gatorade to his daughter Sophie's soccer games and sits in the front row when his son Nick's rock band performs. Tune in to see how the most non-traditional traditional family in America manages to make it work under the oddest of circumstances.
By the end of September, it was the sixth-ranked new cable show among 18-49s, averaging 1.095 million viewers and bettering last year’s Monday 10 p.m. timeslot average by 116 percent. "

Episode Guide - Season 1

  1. Happily Unmarried (August. 7, 2006 - 10pm)
    On his way out of town to attend the Grand Opening of the Hooter's Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Gene asks Nick and Tracy Tweed to plan a surprise birthday party for Shannon. While in Vegas, he gets roped into attending the wedding of a fan. When Shannon inadvertently finds out that Gene was planning a surprise party for her, she decides to turn the tables on him, and give him a little surprise of his own -- an ambush wedding! When "Mr. Happily Unmarried" for 23 years shows up to what he thinks is Shannon's surprise birthday party, he gets the biggest surprise of his life.
  2. Next Generation Rock Star (August. 7, 2006 - 10:30pm)
    If your dad is Gene Simmons and you want to go into the music business, some career counseling is to be expected. But, the "counseling" gets way too much when Gene's son Nick starts a band of his own. Gene won't leave his son alone - from the band's name to the clothes Nick wears - and even prematurely books Nick's first gig, unaware that his son's band had quit. Nick struggles to step out from his father's shadow and performs to a packed house at the Key Club on Sunset Strip. Meanwhile, Shannon sneaks her 13-year-old daughter Sophie into LA Fashion Week - and watches as every hot stud at the event flirts with her little girl.

    The August 7th premier of the first two episodes averaged 1.9 million viewers
  3. The Demon Lives (August 14, 10:00pm)
    When Gene pulls up to a studio lot for a guest appearance on an Adam Sandler produced sitcom pilot, he isn't let in because the guards don't know who he is. At home, Shannon's concerned because the kids are too busy, forcing her to face the empty nest syndrome. Gene boasts that KISS will be honored in Las Vegas for a TV special. Trying out new make-up, fire-breathing lessons, and fitting Gene for his concert wardrobe are just the beginning. Just as he is walking out the door to Vegas, Shannon confronts Gene, having decided she wants to have another baby. She locks Gene in the bathroom until he delivers what she needs.
  4. Driving Me Crazy (August. 14, 2006 - 10:30pm)
    Gene Simmons didn't start driving until he was 35 years old and Nick is studying to get his driver's license. An admittedly horrible driver himself, Gene faces off against Nick in a driving test challenge, with the threat of having to humiliate himself in the middle of Beverly Hills if he loses. As his daughter starts to date, a nervous Gene insists that Shannon take their daughter to a self-defense course. The driving test and the self-defense course both prove painful for Gene, who learns that father doesn't always know best.
  5. Food or Sex? (August. 21, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Shannon notices Gene is losing the battle of the bulge, so she tricks him into attending a ritzy weight-loss spa. When they arrive, Gene learns that they have separate rooms, and his food intake is rationed. Gene wants two things - food and sex. Will the Demon get what he wants? Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose at home when crazy aunt Tracy baby-sits Nick and Sophie -- or is it the other way around?
  6. Sexercise (August 28, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    It's Career Week for Sophie Tweed-Simmons and her assignment is to tag along with Gene to work. It's a familiar assignment, but if your dad's Gene Simmons, expect the unexpected. Shannon is not too pleased to discover that Gene has taken their 14 year-old daughter to auditions for a sexy new exercise video called Sexercise. Shannon turns up the heat on the Demon and has Sophie talk with her dad about the birds and the bees. Sophie's talk provokes the rock star who's slept with 4600 women to prove that Gene Simmons and safe sex can be part of the same sentence, as he takes his shot at a PSA for Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Nick has trouble climbing the corporate ladder, and Shannon and her sister Tracy get ready to pull the trigger on some annoying ex-boyfriends
  7. The Un-Anniversary (September 11, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Gene has a business meeting in New York to discuss putting a sexy spin on the classic hand car wash by turning it into Gene Simmons Bikini Car Wash. He turns it into a family affair by taking Shannon and the kids to visit his wise and feisty mother, Florence, in the suburbs. Gene and the family reminisce about the past, but he pays the price when he forgets an important event in the present!
  8. Loose Change (September 18, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Gene is frustrated to learn that he's lost $20,000 on a cattle-ranch investment. Hoping to teach Nick about the value of money and hard work, Gene drags him to the middle of nowhere for a business trip into the Twilight Zone. Meanwhile, Shannon and her sister Tracy turn Beverly Hills upside down on a wallet-busting shopping spree.
  9. Fan... tastic (September 25, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Playboy Radio welcomes Gene in studio and conducts a search for his biggest fan. The prize - a day with Gene to spend however they choose. Gene pulls out all his cool clothes to get ready for his hot date, only to be stopped by Shannon, who insists his clothes are corny and old-fashioned. While Gene is having a most unexpected fan encounter, Shannon and the kids sacrifice Gene's gaudy garb to the fashion gods in an unforgettable ceremony.
  10. Horsin' Around (October 2, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    An emergency springs up when Gene is about to lose the Indy Racing League marketing account that is worth millions of dollars. He drops everything and uses his celebrity to become Grand Marshall in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. Unfortunately for Gene, while he's gone Shannon buys Sophie a horse for her good grades without really thinking it through. All hell breaks loose when Gene returns from his exhausting business trip and finds the horse is now living at his Beverly Hills mansion.
  11. Gene's Addiction (October 09, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Gene Simmons can't stop working. From hunting down investors all over the country to developing his newest product, the Gene Simmons tongue vibrator, the man doesn't know when to say when. In a last-ditch effort to get Gene to relax, Shannon and the kids stage an intervention and whisk him off on an impromptu vacation. Hilarity ensues when the family learns that you can't teach a grown Demon new tricks.
  12. Shrinkwrapped (October 23, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    Gene squirms after learning that Shannon won a session with a psychotherapist in the kids' school auction. Shannon is hell-bent on making sure he attends this session. He runs (to lunch with Bill Maher and to party in a rebuilt New Orleans), but can he hide from Shannon and his impending appointment with the shrink? Meanwhile, Shannon and the kids deconstruct Gene's ego when they raid his office shrine and plan to sell his valuable KISS merchandise.
  13. Behind The Makeup (October 30, 2006 - 10:00pm)
    In the season's finale, Shannon suggests Gene Simmons consider a facelift, but the Demon is reluctant. He's more enthusiastic about his idea to launch a new TV show that would be about babies and new mothers - until he finds himself in daycare hell. When it comes time to go under the knife, Shannon has news of her own from the fertility specialist, leaving the Demon speechless.

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