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Ace Frehley Previewed New Album On Record Store Day

In a surprise move at Saturday's Record Store Day Celebration at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles, California, Ace Frehley debuted a new song called "Pain in the Neck" from his forthcoming CD Anomaly.

A store full of fans that turned out to see the iconic rock guitarist were stunned by the surprise release, and responded with wild enthusiasm at the new debut. Immediately after the song played, the store broke out in applause. "Very cool…heavy…reminds me of early KISS" said fan Curtis Feliszak of Burbank.

An exact release date for Anomaly has not been set, but an announcement is expected in the next two weeks on AceFrehley.com. Ace is currently planning a world tour in support of the CD, and promises many more promotional appearances as the CD release gets closer.

from acefrehley.com

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