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Kiss Planning On Cleaning Up At Wal-Mart?

THE RUMOR: Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were among the musicians spotted at last week’s Wal-Mart shareholders meeting… and they’re returning to recording after an eleven-year hiatus. Naturally, that confluence of events means that the record has to be a Wal-Mart exclusive! Right?

KISS has been frustrated with the “traditional” recorded-music biz as it currently stands, and a Wal-Mart deal could definitely help Gene. Also, as Chris Molanphy pointed out when I showed him this story, a huge, branded, merch-stuffed KISS display at The Big W–much like the ones AC/DC was treated to when the big-boxer sold its last album, Black Ice, exclusively–would probably help the band notch its first No. 1 album, which would be a nice excuse for them to close out the recorded-music portion of its career.

from idolator.com

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