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Bruce Kulick Relieved He Wasn't Asked To Return To KISS

(Rock Radio) Bruce Kulick says he could never have worn the Spaceman makeup used by his predecessor, original lineup member Ace Frehley - and he's relieved he was never asked to.

Kulick was with the band through their "unmasked" era and played on five albums from 1984 until 1996, including the well-received Revenge from 1992. Frehley and drummer Peter Criss then returned for a reunion and the original members put their makeup back on. When Frehley left again in 2002 he was replaced by Kiss' tour manager Tommy Thayer, and Kulick was not asked to rejoin. But he remains close with the band, and says it's far more natural for Thayer to wear the Spaceman outfit than it would have been for him. He tells SleazeRoxx.com: "To be honest I'm relieved I wasn't asked. Playing the Ace role would be very awkward for me. It was very natural for Tommy to walk into that role.

"If you followed Kiss since the reunion with Ace and Peter Criss, there were a number of times when it looked like Ace was going to miss the show, so the band had Tommy dressed up as Ace backstage, ready to go." - more on this story

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