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POLL: Which track of the SONIC BOOM album is your favorite?

KISS - Sonic BoomSONIC Boom has been a great treat for us KISS fans. New Music from our favorite band is always a joyous occasion. Now that we have had a couple of months, and hundreds of repeat playing, to reflect on the album, which song of the album is your favorite?

For me, its I'M AN ANIMAL. I love the song. Gene at his best.

Record your poll vote on the left side of the page and, as always, leave your comments via the link below.



2 (8%) - Modern Day Delilah
1 (4%) - Russian Roulette
1 (4%) - Never Enough
3 (13%) - Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
1 (4%) - Stand
1 (4%) - Hot and Cold
4 (17%) - All For The Glory
1 (4%) - Danger Us
2 (8%) - I'm An Animal
0 (0%) - When Lightning Strikes
7 (30%) - Say Yeah


  1. It's very hard to pick a fave. Stand, All For the Glory, I'm An Animal and Say Yeah are ALL great KISS songs!

  2. Modern Day Delilah, is one of the best KISS songs ever, I love the guitar solo.


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