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Monsters of the Flying V: The Sequel!

Two years ago, the Gibson Flying V model turned 50, And there’s no better way to celebrate the Tribal V’s Godzilla-sized tones than with a sequel to “Monsters of the Flying V.” So in the spirit of Godzilla Raids Again! and other great cinematic follow-ups (Shaft in Africa, anyone?), we present more victorious V players — a look at another generation of classic musicians with great taste in guitars from all corners of the rock and blues worlds. And the cast members are:

Paul Stanley: Some people have stars in their eyes. As KISS’ rhythm guitarist, Stanley had a star on his eye. But he also had a serious array of Flying Vs and other Gibsons in his hands over the decades. For Stanley, the Flying V made a perfect blackboard for teaching a generation of ’70s kids how to “Rock ‘n’ Roll All Nite.”

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