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POLL: How Disappointed are you at the "BIG NEWS" from KISS?

It was announced that the BIG news today from KISS was the addition of a club venue in the UK, as part of their European tour. Not exactly earth shattering, or even note worthy. I was disappointed at the news we got, based on the hype we were given. How do you feel?

The Pool Question is - How Disappointed are you at the "BIG NEWS" from KISS?

Vote and leave comments.


19 (70%) - Very Disappointed - This was NOT big news
7 (25%) - Somewhat Disappointed - Interesting, but not big.
0 (0%) - A little Excited - I cant wait to see them in the venue
1 (3%) - Completely Excited - This was the Biggest news of the year for KISS!


  1. I know you want to hype yourself, but this was totally lame. The "Massive News" was just the announcement of a club performance?

    I saw the comments on the Facebook page an everyone is pissed at the pre-announcement hype this received and how underwhelming the news ended up being.

    Epic Fail in the PR department.
    If you are going to make it Big, it better be Big!

  2. All hype, no substance for most fans. Monumentally disappointed.

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