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Gene Simmons: 'I've got licence to thrill'

Gene Simmons has said that being in a band is better than being James Bond.

The KISS frontman told Metro that rock stars should present themselves as the best for their fans.

Simmons said: "You have a moral duty as a rock star. All these audiences work at jobs they dislike and spend their pay cheques on something they love - they wanna see Kiss.

"How f**king dare any of us ruin that trust? So we introduce ourselves with, 'You wanted the best, you got the best'. There's a sense of pride."

He added: "I'm much too big for the term 'musician' - I'm an entertainer. KISS harks back to the court jesters and travelling gipsies of old; they used sleight of hand, they romanced a few girls. Music was part of the whole culture.

"Being in a band is better than being James Bond - he's got a licence to kill, baby, I've got a licence to thrill. You can be an ugly b**tard and get any girl and more money than God."

By Mayer Nissim of digitalspy.com

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