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Star Child Regional, Round 1, Completed

Round #1 of KISS MADNESS is complete. The 8 songs moving on from the Star Child Regional are (1) Rock & Roll All Nite, (2) Deuce, (3) SHE, (4) All Heall's Breaking Lose, (5) God Gave Rock & Roll To You II, (11) Take It Off, (7) Crazy, Crazy Nights, (9) Say Yeah!

(11) Take it off pulled off a huge upset of (6) Rock Bottom by a score of 7-2. (2) Deuce blanked (15) I Walk Alone to easily move on to the second round.

Click to view the full KISS MADNESS Bracket

Next up is the Spaceman Regional, Round #1. Voting will last until Friday Night.

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