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Lady Gaga Poses With KISS, Proves That All Culture Begins With Gene Simmons

If you have been searching for a brilliant, theatrical, bombastic display of sheer sexuality and rock and roll aggression, you have had access to two options this summer. The first is Lady Gaga's jaw-dropping Monster Ball, which has been crossing the country delivering all of her hits plus a steady diet of fireworks, props, special effects and battles with a giant octopus. Your other choice is Kiss, who have been spending the summer doing what they do best: Turning their amplifiers really, really loud and blasting out hit after hit amidst pyro, confetti cannons, fake blood and an overwhelming sense of joy. Over the weekend, those two worlds collided when Gaga paused to snap a photo with the men from Kiss, finally bringing together two of the most iconic acts in music today (and in Kiss' case, of all time).

Gaga's photo with the band reinforces the fact that no matter who you are or what you're doing, Gene Simmons probably had a hand in it. Despite the fact that his songs have often been written off as empty bombast, Simmons has managed to spin an impressive career out of a handful of fist-pumping songs, giant boots and a healthy dose of grease paint. But despite the naysaying, plenty of accomplished artists have endorsed Kiss' work (either actively or passively). In addition to Gaga, Kiss have received co-signs from the likes of Bob Dylan (Simmons co-wrote a song with him in 1992 that was later released in 2004), Taylor Swift (her and her friends dressed up like Kiss and bum rushed the stage during a Keith Urban set) and Frank Zappa (he co-wrote "Black Tongue" with Simmons), as well as countless nods in the movie world (the film "Detroit Rock City," most of the best jokes in "Role Models). It seems that no matter who you are or what you are doing, a nod to the original Monsters of Rock is never all that far away.

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