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Epicenter Foreshocks: KISS

Headlining night one of the 2010 Epicenter Festival at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana on Sept. 25 will be the most elaborate rock band that ever picked up instruments. KISS, with original members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, plus Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, will co-headline with rapper Eminem on night one.

Gary Spivack, co-producer of the festival put on by Right Arm Entertainment, said that Eminem was really into the idea of sharing the night with KISS.

"He loved the idea of KISS and having a legendary rock band," he said.

Spivack mentioned Eminem's Detroit roots and the KISS anthem "Detroit Rock City."

All I am saying is that there better be some pyrotechnics for this show.

So, to the KISS Army out there--what songs do you want to hear at Epicenter? Just add your suggestions in the comment field below.

Epicenter Foreshocks: KISS - iGuide - Music

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