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POLL: Which Recent Solo Album is your favorite by Current and Former KISS Members?

Gene, Paul, Peter Ace and Bruce have all recently released solo albums the past few years. Which one was your favorite and why?

1 (20%) - Gene Simmons: Asshole (2004)

3 (60%) - Paul Stanley: Live To Win (2006)

0 (0%) - Peter Criss: One For All (2007)

1 (20%) - Ace Frehley: Anomoly (2009)

0 (0%) - Bruce Kulick: BK3 (2010)

1 comment:

  1. The only album I have not had a chance to listen to is PC's. The other four albums are strong.

    Paul knows how to hook a song. Lift me may be my favorite of the album.

    Ace is always rocking his albums.

    I love Fire Starter, but Weapons of Mass Destruction is really bad.

    BK3 is a good listen. I love the fact that he is the one that is consistent about releasing new material.


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