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Gene Simmons: ‘I’m Very Conservative’ on Some Issues, Regrets Voting for ‘Unqualified’ Obama

By Brad Wilmouth | December 08, 2010 | 05:13

Appearing as a guest on CNN’s Parker-Spitzer, rocker Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS and the TV show Family Jewels related to viewers that he is "very conservative" on fiscal and foreign policy issues, voiced his support for President Bush and the war on terrorism - including "nation building" in Iraq - and declared that he wishes he could take back his vote for President Obama from the 2008 election.

As he later explained that he normally does not talk about politics because he believes entertainers are not qualified to speak about such matters, he also took a jab at Hollywood liberal Sean Penn and suggested that politically outspoken celebrities are "morons."

Simmons, who has a history of declaring his love for America because of the rescue of his mother from Nazi concentration camps, also discussed his visit to the house of Holocaust victim Anne Frank and its inclusion in his TV show Family Jewels.

When asked by co-host Kathleen Parker about his support for President Bush and the invasion of Iraq, Simmons revealed some of his voting history:

Well, I'm like most Americans, we don't vote by party, we both by the person because a person is bigger than the party, which is why sometimes the Democrats get in and sometimes the Republicans get in. I voted for President Bush, I voted for President Clinton, and, although I do want my vote back, I voted for President Obama.

After Simmons declared, "By the way, as a wake-up call to all of you, al-Qaeda doesn't care what political party you are, they want you all to die," co-host Eliot Spitzer brought up the issue of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, leading Simmons to expand on his foreign policy and political views:

I don't care about that. ... No, I don't care whether there are or not. And politicians lie every day. I believe clearly that if you don't deal with a nuclear Iran now, and if you don't deal with al-Qaeda before it gets its hands on dirty weapons and if you don't stop the nonsense there, and, yes, I think there's got to be some nation building. I'm a very conservative foreign policy person. Fiscally, I'm very conservative. I don't believe in welfare states. I believe in giving people jobs. Most importantly, I believe I'm like most Americans, I'm socially liberal.

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