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Celebrate sisterhood and a sort of KISS Jr.

The monthly performance is geared toward female musicians looking for a place to showcase their music as well as receive industry information.

Marsyada distributes literature about the Songwriters Hall of Fame, an organization she cites as helpful to artists.

“I wish people would realize that when you join something like that, you aren’t just paying your dues and that’s it,” she said. “They will help you out. All you have to do is give them a call.”

Marsyada, who sings and plays keyboard and rhythm guitar, will be joined by Phyllis Hopkins of Pittston on lead guitar, Lisa Welch of Conyngham on bass and Mary Jo Demshock Mellas of Dallas on drums.

“If anybody wants to get up and do something and they’d like us to back them up, they can just tell us what key it’s in,” Marsyada said. “We’re open to freestyling.”

One artist is featured at each gathering. This month’s is Cathy Donnelly, whom many might recognize from local country radio station Froggy 101 as well as WILK News Radio and The Mountain. Donnelly performs solo on acoustic guitar and piano and plays blues and early jazz as well as original work. She’s also witty, making for an anything-but-mild performance.

Marsyada treasures an artist like Donnelly, who shares stories as she tries to connect with audiences. She encourages artists participating in S.O.S. to do the same.

“It’s so cool to see and hear stories about how somebody crafted their song,” she said. “Finding out the inspiration behind things makes the song more fun to listen to.”

Though it’s a Sisterhood of Song, the night isn’t limited to the ladies.

“The gentlemen are welcome to come up and join us as well,” Marsyada said.

Surely you’ve seen plenty of KISS impersonators, but have you come across a Paul Stanley so young?

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