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Tampa Bay Lightning anger KISS fans with Ace Frehley gaffe

On March 11, the Tampa Bay Lightning plan to use a time-tested marketing scheme to attract a few extra fans to their game with the Ottawa Senators: a concert featuring an over-the-hill rock star with a cult following. In this case, it was former KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley, performing as part of their outdoor concert series.

To promote the show, the Lightning had banners depicting the "Spaceman" hanging around the St. Pete Times Forum.

Turns out they got the character correct ... but the wrong man behind the makeup.

A member of KISSAslylum.com, a fan site, posted a photo of the banner with the following note:

Thayer joined KISS as the new "Spaceman" in 2002, after Frehley left the group for a second time. A former member of a KISS tribute band, he's been their lead guitarist ever since, wearing the same makeup as Frehley did during the group's heyday.

Which, of course, brings us to the Lightning's affront to KISS fandom in getting their Aces shuffled.

You'd figure they'd know that from his appearance fee.

Anyway, the banners will be corrected and the Lightning have done their part to restore peace in the New KISS vs. Old KISS wars, which are like Kirk vs. Picard for costumed classic rock nerds.

This is the second hockey-related appearance for Frehley during the 2010-11 NHL season, having performed "New York Groove" at the New York Rangers' home opener on October.

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