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This Day In KISStory: 30th Anniversary Of ‘Music From The Elder’

“When the Earth was young, they were already old…”

(from Geeks of Doom) 30 years ago on this day in KISStory, an album would be issued that would be a turning point, and at the time a low point, for the band and their fans. Music From The Elder, produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin (responsible for the epic Destroyer), was released by KISS on November 16, 1981. The release was a concept album, and a comprehensive departure for the band, which was negatively received by both fans and critics alike.

As time has progressed, however, the album has achieved somewhat of a cult status among both KISS fans and rock/metal fans. For some reason, Music From The Elder has matured well, and while it was perhaps the most obscure and odd of all KISS releases, some now point to the album as their favorite.

This was not always the case, however. After its release, Music From The Elder developed into KISS’ poorest selling album, their first to not even be certified Gold by the RIAA. The business side of things fared so badly for KISS with this release that for the first time ever, the band did not go out on tour to boost the album.

So what went wrong for KISS back in 1981?
Essentially, what turned out to be Music From The Elder was a misguided attempt by the band and producer Bob Ezrin to showcase a more serious and sincere artistic side to the band. While this could have worked for any number of bands, for KISS, it was so distant from their musical identity that the album felt alien to many of their fans. But while it was an effort to make a serious concept album to acclaim a mature side of the band, initially this album was never meant to be that way.

With a look back to the year before, in 1980, KISS’ album Unmasked was not as well received as its 1979 predecessor Dynasty. Although Australian fans made it one of the best-selling albums in their country, causing a Beatles-like welcome for KISS during their down under tour, back home in America it was not a high point for the band. It was clear that the disco influence of producer Vini Poncia was beginning to take its toll for having been a part of KISS for too long. As a result, the band decided that change was crucial.
During their touring period of late 1980, the band announced in several interviews that they were working on a brand new album, and that it would be an authentic form to their hard rock and roll style. It was to be heavier, more aggressive, and more in tune with their earlier releases.

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