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Gene Simmons' Bizarre Jogging Look

(dailymail.co.uk)  He's held his bass guitar wielding hands up to plastic surgery, and even posed before and after his face lift.

And Gene Simmons, 62 , certainly looked strangely taut as he jogged in Studio City yesterday with his family.

The rocker's trademark raven mane flapped as he propelled himself along the sidewalk but his face stayed still.

But Gene freely admitted that he wanted to get rid of his jowls. 

He had a his 'n' hers joint facelift with his wife Shannon Tweed, 54 , in 2007. 

'I'd thought about it before,' Simmons told People magazine at the time, 'I was aware I had jowls.'

'Like Jabba the Hutt!' teased Tweed at the time, she was Playboy's 1982 Playmate of the Year. 

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