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Gene Simmons Attends Celebrity Poker Tournament

The stakes were high Saturday as celebrities from both big and small screen alike flocked to The London West Hollywood to try their luck at the "Four Kings & an Ace" charity poker tournament.

Held by Mending Kids International, a non-profit organization that provides less-fortunate children all over the world with necessary, often life-saving medical procedures, the tournament attracted such big names as Robert Downey Jr., Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Gene Simmons, Danny Trejo, and many more to its tables.

Gibson, who hosted the event, spoke fondly of the organization, telling ET, "[Mending Kids International] [does] great work. The best thing about this particular charity is that over 95% of anything donated actually gets to where it's supposed to, so there's no big administrative milk. … I think the most exciting thing you can say about the whole thing is, they save lives, and they improve the quality of lives."

Gene Simmons expressed a slightly more philosophical view on the benefits of the organization, telling ET, "Kids are the innocent victims of mother nature and just all sorts of stuff and it's unfair. They haven't even had a chance to live life. … We are all very lucky, we should help those who are not so lucky. Especially the kids."

For more information on Mending Kids International, click here.

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