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Video: Gene Simmons on TOY HUNTER

Gene Simmons appeared on the premiere episode of the new Travel Channel series TOY HUNTER. Check out these two clips from the April 10, 2013 episode KISS & TELL.

About Toy Hunter:

Jordan Hembrough, a renowned toy dealer and ultimate toy hunter, takes toy picking to a new level as he takes on collections from some of the most popular cities in America.

Jordon Meets Gene Simmons:
Jordan heads to Gene Simmons' LA home to check out his KISS Memorabilia.

Rare KISS Memorabilia:
Jordan and Steve head to a flea market in search of KISS items for Gene Simmons.

1 comment:

  1. Simmons lives up to his reputation for being an arrogant know it all and extremely CHEAP! He wouldn't pay for the toy he wanted and instead offered to trade a gold record, of which he can get a new one made anytime he wants too. So he really got a $1600 toy for next to nothing.


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