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How Was the Concert - Song By Song at Viking Stadion

(Translated from aftenbladet.no)

1 Psycho Circus. Manager Doc's voice rang out over Viking Stadium, and introduces the hottest band in the world for a cheering crowd. The stage curtain falls down, and up there, on top of a giant mechanical spider, says Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Paul Stanley. They run the first riff until they have landed. The voice of Paul is not too bad, Gene shower and soaking up the bass, and Paul have no trouble getting the audience on stomp clapping. Generous use of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

2 Shout it out loud. All are at least two notches better as soon as Gene takes over vocals. On the big screen we see alternately the band and the audience. That made so much space to the latter, emphasizing the fans important and special place in the Kiss universe. It also makes the big Kiss Army banners on the sides of the stage.

 3 Let Me Go, Rock'n'Roll. Groovy blues rock with great party factor. Gene delivers high footwork and good vocals. Paul choir, but it is not possible to hear, perhaps because of teething problems with the sound. But he wriggles at least in the ass. Crazy night long hit parade

4 I love it loud. Yet Gene Simmons song. Paul introduces to encourage the public to beat the Swedes. Then wiggle and dance himself out on the right wing, playing the guitar between his legs, and generally creates more action than has been common on the edges this season. He skips most of the chorus, and threw off his feather bolero in the ending.

5 Hell or Hallelujah. One of two songs from the latest album, "Monster". Visually managed more successfully than hallelujah. Lots of flames, from both the spider and the lower part of the large screen behind. Paul's voice has been warmed up a bit, but he needs to drop a few lines in between. Trying on some falsetthyl to finish, and it is actually approved.

 6 War Machine. Yeah! Gene is in great shape. The spider is going down. Paul shower on the left wing. The song ends with the Gene blowing fire.

 7 Heaven's On Fire. Introduces Paul to reveal that probably Stavanger is Norway's rock'n'roll capital. Well. We have certainly made the public record for Kiss in Norway. This song was replaced with "Calling Dr. Love" at Sweden Rock, probably for the sake of Paul bronchitis. Again he saved the chorus, for voice cracks and he must change some of the phrasing to come unscathed through the song. The audience will sing the chorus and it's probably just as well.

 8 Deuce. Gene in battle, the other is the statist mode. At least until the synchronized guitar rock room at the end.

 9 Say Yeah. Yet another "new" song (from "Sonic Boom", 2009). Gene licks on the bass, while there is still some crow tendencies in the voice of Paul. The crowd and the band drowns frontman here.

10th Shock Me / Outta This World. Guitarist Tommy Thayer takes over vocals on the song predecessor Frehley wrote about the time he got electric shock during a concert. Thayer's probably no big karismatiker, but it is quite marketable. So the long and somewhat boring guitar solo that luckily ends with missiles out of the guitar, the drums in the air, and nyttårsbazooka from Singer.

 11th God Of Thunder. Gene takes the stage again, bathed in green light. He runs Nosferatu-face and spitting blood, before he flies up in the air and plays the song standing on the spider, surrounded by pyro and smoke bombs.

 12th Lick It Up. Paul laughs a bit of themselves when the voice cracks in the introduction. But as soon as the guitars fall into, we are singing mode. Cool use of bombs and pyro. Paul must cut out a little here and there, but land on their feet, while Thayer snouts, literally.

 13th Love Gun. Paul sails low over the crowd slengdissa. Vocally the weakest song in the set, but he will then be awarded a plectrum before he rushes back to the stage.

14th Rock'n'Roll All Nite. Evening before last extra numbers. Eight guns spewing confetti and party atmosphere is top notch. Tommy Thayer and Gene Simmons hoisted over the audience on each plateau, and the drummer is in the air again. Paul smashes his guitar in a finish full of flames and sparks.

 15th Detroit Rock City. Starts Paul's vocal finally getting warm? It is good time now. Gene limp and showing her tongue, and poured it on with fireworks and pyro.

 16th I was made ​​for loving you. If someone does not sing now, it is because they are sleeping. Paul tries fortunately not so much on the falsetto-sections, but slightly more than the previous concert.

 17th Black Diamond. Paul stands alone on stage and play the first riff. The voice carries. Singer takes over and it all ends with copious amounts of fireworks, smoke, pyrotechnics and "we love you all."

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