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Ace Frehley Will Be at Rock Hall if KISS Gets Nod

(from somethingelse) Should KISS earn a belated induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Gene Simmons has made it clear he’s not participating in a reunion with his fellow original members. That won’t keep Ace Frehley away. “There’s no way Gene can put a lid on it,” Frehley tells Eddie Trunk. “I mean, what’s he going to do?”

KISS has grown increasingly fractured over the 15 years since it became eligible, as the good feelings engendered by a long-awaited 1990s-era reunion of Frehley, Paul Stanley, Simmons and Peter Criss have been completely forgotten. KISS continues these days with replacements Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, even as the remaining founders making increasingly inflammatory remarks.

Simmons flatly denies that he’ll ever play with Frehley and Criss again. “Gene’s living in the past,” Frehley says. “He’s become a caricature of himself, you know?” Meanwhile Stanley, in a comment that stuck with Frehley, offered that they’d never been friends in the first place. “I thought it was hysterical,” the guitarist adds. “I lived with the guy for years; we exchanged Christmas presents — and he’s telling me he’s not my friend?”

These worlds might, in fact, collide soon: KISS led the now-closed Rock Hall’s fan ballot, with Nirvana just behind in second. Deep Purple, Yes, and Hall and Oates rounded out the Top 5 voting.


  1. ACE IS the Reason KISS Was a Rock Band!!!

  2. when i was younger, I loved KISS, as a young black child, I had NEVER1 seen a music group like KISS! blew my mind been a fan ever since. But I've heard some things about Ace, that kinda made me not listen to their music as much, Gene seems a little conceded, maybe even slightly raciest! I stopped buying their music years ago.

  3. I'm a big KISS fan, and I'd like to see all of them there. That being said, I don't blame Gene and Paul one bit for their comments on Ace and Peter. They've acted like losers for decades and put them through hell. I wouldn't be very kind to them either.

  4. What goes around comes around. Ace is a great solo performer. He is not a team player.
    Just how many chances does one give.

  5. Let put Ace alone in the rock n roll hall of Fame...Although Gene is a Business King....From the Artistic or Music Side, no way, Ace is the real Deal.. no Question about it ...Faaar ahead of the others...


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