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Gene Simmons Has To Choose Who To KISS

Gene Simmons, founder of the glam rock pop group KISS is facing a dilemma. KISS, who sprang to fame during the Seventies, as much for their dramatic stage presence, including donning face paint, pyrotechnics and wearing weird uniforms as their musical ability, finds himself with a dilemma with the news that the band have been chosen for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2014.

Now Simmons and his fellow founder member Paul Stanley will allow Peter Criss and Ace Frehley , who were also original members of the band, to appear in the band’s line up at the induction ceremony, after they left the band not once but twice during its most successful spells, both times under a cloud of their own making.

Criss, better known as Catman, was the group’s drummer at the height of the success in the Seventies but was sent packing by Simmons and Stanley at the start of the Eighties due to his erratic, often substance induced, behavior. Ace Frehley left KISS a few months later, apparently due to his inability to get along with Simmons and Stanley, mostly on musical matters.

In 1996, both Criss and Frehley joined up with KISS as part of a reunion tour which proved to be an outstanding commercial success, and with all wounds apparently and disputes settled, in 1998 the original KISS lineup set off on successful world tour, during which some of the cracks that had been plastered over began to reappear and became increasingly apparent, meaning that Frehley and Criss were once again were given a final KISS goodbye and the group were never to perform again, at least in their original and most commercially successful line up.

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  1. I wonder why this story is being passed around. Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace are being inducted. The RRHOF chooses, not Gene or Paul. Neither one has any say so over who gets in or who's allowed to show up.


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