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NHL Icemakers Say Dodger Stadium Game Will Be Cool

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dan Craig and his crew have been at Dodger Stadium from dusk to dawn every night for the past week, patiently building a sheet of NHL-quality ice in the middle of the iconic baseball field.

They're just about ready to drop the puck in sunny Southern California.

The ice is solid, the fans have bought nearly every ticket, and the two local teams are eager for their historic showdown under the lights and stars. Only a few tweaks remain before the Los Angeles Kings face the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday in the NHL's first official outdoor game in a warm-weather climate.

"It's hard not to get excited about it now that it's almost here," Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf said. "It seems like everybody is talking about it."

While the NHL raised plenty of eyebrows with the announcement of outdoor hockey in one of the nation's hottest places, Craig has always been confident that this unorthodox game wouldn't turn into a swim meet.

KISS will perform during pregame festivities.

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