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L.A. KISS: What happens when rock meets indoor football?

It may not be the NFL experience Southern Californians used to know, but at least the L.A. KISS gives football-starved fans a pro team to cheer for after two decades without an NFL team.

The KISS isn't just your run-of-the-mill expansion franchise, either. The so-called KISS "experience" is what happens when football meets rock 'n' roll in a head-on collision.

On Saturday night, the SaberCats get their first look at the KISS "experience" when they play in Anaheim.

"I've heard they are trying to do some unique things there," SaberCats veteran quarterback Russ Michna said. "But the thing about the AFL, it's a different experience. It's a different environment every place. This is just going to be another new experience for us."

If the KISS' home opener was any gauge, the SaberCats are in for an eye-opening experience. It featured fireworks and a laser show, the national anthem played on an electric guitar, bikini-wearing women dancing throughout the game.

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