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PAUL STANLEY Says GENE SIMMONS' Reality TV Show 'Wasn't Reality'

Despite evidence to the contrary, Paul Stanley states, in Rolling Stone, reveals that he never appeared in any of the 167 episodes of GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS, "because it wasn't reality." Stanley added: "To create a life that isn't accurate and for me to be a part of it, or to help you promote something that I think is questionable ... and, quite honestly, waste my time? You're missing out on living a real life if you're filming a fake one."

Paul Stanley did appear in two episodes of the hit reality series, predominately in the episodes THE DEMON TURNS 60, in 2010. In that episodes, they make the point that GSFJ finale got the lead singer in an episode, more than just a cameo, with KISS.

In the interview, Paul also states that the album ANIMALIZE was more of a solo project, than a KISS record because of Gene Simmons movie projects. "I could deal with ANIMALIZE being like a solo album. What I couldn't deal with was that somebody wanted to be paid for not doing their job. If it applied to Ace and Peter, it applies to Gene, too."

Gene's response to this?

"The luckiest break I ever got was meeting Paul Stanley, who hated me when he first met me — thought I was arrogant. True! Self-absorbed. True! Guilty as charged. Thinks that he's better than he actually is. Guilty as charged. And yet something in that mixture between us — you know they say that purebred dogs are retarded. It is the differences in things that make something stronger."

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