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Did Gene Simmons Bully Eric Stonestreet's Mother on Flight to KC

Apparently @GeneSimmons was on the same plane as the mother of MODERN FAMILY star Eric Stonestreet, and he was not nice to her at all. The ABC sitcom actor took to Instagram to vent his rage of the situation.

The first two images are screen shots of his text conversation with his mother. The third is his displeasure with Gene Simmons treatment of his mother.

Turns out the event never happened. Simmons denied the story on Twitter, saying that it was “blatantly untrue,” while Stanley offered an explanation, saying it was just all a misunderstanding.

Stonestreet then quickly retracted, saying he will have “a stern talk with my mum about making up stories.” “Old people, ya know? OUR apologies,” the actor said sorry.

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