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KISSTORY: October 25

The album 'Creatures of the Night' is released in the US.

Gene Simmons addresses a class at the U.C.L.A. Extension. The three-hour course is titled 'Theres No People Like Show People: Communicating With Creative Professionals In The Entertainment Business'. Gene was explaining to the class how art and commerce are not mutually exclusive, and how important marketing and promotion are to any successful venture.

Gene and Shannon Tweed attend the premier of the movie '13 GHOSTS'.

The KISS Top Fule [Doug Kalitta] And Funny Car [Tony Pedregon] Dragsters make their debut at the NHRA event in Las Vegas.

Paul Stanley appears on the National weekly radio show 'RockLine' to promote his solo release, 'Live to Win'.

Paul Stanley underwent surgery to address some recurring vocal cord issues.

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