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Ace Frehley Looks Back On Kiss With Disgust: We Were F**king Rock N’ Roll Clowns

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has pulled no punches when it comes dissing the dirt on his former bandmates, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

The Space Ace responsible for Kiss’s signature guitar sound also had a thing or two to say about his replacement Tommy Thayer. Calling the young upstart a copycat guitar player who should know his place.

In response to Thayer’s recent announcement that he intends to launch a new custom Les Paul guitar named ‘Spaceman,’ the original space ace sent a few verbal rockets and wordy warheads in the direction of his brash imitator.

“Tommy’s not so bad. He’s a hired gun just trying to make a living. I just think Tommy overstepped the bounds with that guitar. I’m the original Spaceman. I created that character, and he’s trying to capitalise in it. Tommy Thayer is just a copycat guitar player who should know his place.”

Frehley also admits in the interview that he is still licensing his Spaceman image to Kiss, entailing that every time Tommy Thayer preforms, wearing the make-up that Frehley made famous, the one and only bona fide space ace receives royalties for the privilege.

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