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Ace Frehley of KISS talks Paramount performance and new CD

Ace Frehley has always been in his own stratosphere. The original Kiss guitarist's musical prowess led to solo success after he left the band, setting him apart from his cohorts Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss.

Now that he's eight years sober, the Space Ace, 63, has returned back to Earth with a long-awaited new album, "Space Invader," and a tour that lands at The Paramount in Huntington Thursday.

How has being sober impacted your career?

I'm focused and I follow through with things whereas before I'd miss stuff. I'm much more together now and in fact I'm producing my own records. It's a great feeling to be in charge of your own destiny.

Does the fans' anticipation put pressure on you when making an album?

t doesn't put pressure on me, but during the production process I try to imagine what my fans are going to like. I think about things that they've said over the years.

After all the Kiss controversy about who is getting in or playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, did you enjoy the moment?

I had a great time. I wasn't going to let the negative press that preceded the event rain on my parade. Everybody was on their best behavior. We've all known each other for so many years. I think the negative stuff between us gets blown out of proportion. In my mind we are all friends and brothers in rock and roll. My only regret was that we didn't perform. Unfortunately, Paul and Gene made that decision.

Do you speak to original drummer Peter Criss much?

I speak to Peter occasionally. Outside of Kiss, we never clicked musically. If you listen to his records and mine there's a discrepancy there.

Current Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer wears your signature Spaceman makeup and costumes now. Do you think he should have been his own character?

Well, that's what most of the fans are saying. With Kiss now it's all about money. My makeup and costumes are much more recognizable than some new one that they would concoct. That's why they are using it. It's just unfortunate the way things went down.

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