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Article: Just two original members of KISS come to South America in 2015

The original lineup of the group to use own makeup of comic book heroes, who made ​​the fire and blood a condiment explosion alive and justified all acts of pyrotechnics and n the name of the rock is not what will be on tour in South America in 2015.

While the confirmed arrival of KISS and the group mark with his live show is still as spectacular as they were in the late 70s, the only original members : group leaders and lifetime are Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The other two founders Ace Frehley and Peter Criss lot that are not part of the machinery, although still present in the minds of fans ago.

Perhaps the main reason is because the makeup designs popularized both are now used by those who replaced: Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer , respectively. Both the spatial guy like the cat are the stars of the show of KISS, but those who created are not in it. If the romantic part of Frehley and Criss were so important in the is left group success as Simmons and Stanley have to look in certain data or give much credibility to Thayer and Singer in the KISS brand.

The guitarist, who now uses the silver paint representing Frehley, carries 14 years in the band. That is, only missing two more years Thayer to fulfill the same time in the group that provided by the space boy shirt. On Singer party and has 17 years in the army of 'KISS', beating five to twelve and a half years that met Peter Criss in his work as a drummer in the group.

Besides his longevity in the brand, both have contributed not only with their skills behind their instruments, but have also written songs and have played leading voices in other bands such as All for the Love Rock N 'Roll (Singer) or When Lightning Strikes (Thayer). Behold the points for the drama that brought about the inclusion of the group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where the original but without the performance expected of them at the end of the night was induced members.

The argument of 'heads' of KISS was simple: Thayer and Singer also deserved to be that night, they say, much more than Frehley and Criss. But that is a debate among fans that hardly reach an agreement.

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