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Gene Simmons: Obama’s Cuba Move ‘Politically Weak’ But Will Totally Work

Gene Simmons was on Fox News today and commented on President Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba. He called the the action "politically weak," but the move could work.

“If you notice President Nixon, when he was in charge, went to China and was considered weak,” he said. “I remember as a young man reading about this and I said, why are we going to China? We’re America. They didn’t have human rights. They were very, very abusive to their people. But it cracked open the doors.”

“I think once Cubans on the street get a taste of American life and the idea that free economy and capitalism actually works and that you too can rise from squalor and rise to the ladder of success — I think we’re going to win even though it’s a weak political stance. Crack the door open, bring America in there, bring Twitter, Facebook. We’ll win. The people will rise up from within.”

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