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VIDEO: Peter Criss Q&A with Eddie Trunk - 11/28/14

At a Q&A hosted by Eddie Trunk on Nov. 28, Peter Criss offered an update on his new album. “I’ve been sitting on a record … I’d done this thing like five years ago and I’m still messing with it, I’m not done, because I don’t want to rush it. The sad thing is, you put music out today, and you download it immediately.”

 Peter Criss has a rebuttal to Simmons’ assertion that 'rock is dead.'

“Rock ‘n’ roll’s not dead — I don’t wanna hear that, that rock’s dead. It’s far from dead. It’s just not maybe doing what it used to. So I’m gonna release, probably, singles again. Like a 45, with two songs instead of 13. It just isn’t fair for the artist — you put out your songs, download it and there’s really nothing going on.”

As for when fans might be able to hear some of this new stuff, Criss stated “I wanna take my time with it. I’m putting more time into it. I want it to be heavier than I’ve usually done myself — and then I’ll get ‘It’s too heavy, you should go back and do light stuff.’” Laughing, he added, “Fans are never happy. You guys aren’t! No matter what we ever do, you’re like ‘Oh, that sucks.’”

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