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‘Gene Simmons Is Full Of Sh*t’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has spectacularly debunked myths about womanizing rock stars, explaining that most guys in bands he knows are domestic animals – even KISS' Gene Simmons, who Snider snidely dismisses with contempt as being “full of sh*t.”

As a breed of animal, your average strutting, screaming, and spandex wearing cock rocker in a 1980s hair metal band was a very strange species. When these heavily-made up men with their bouffant, bottle blonde hair, skyscraper heels, woman’s blouses, exploding cod-pieces, and tighter than tight leather pants rolled into town on their Harleys, the word on the street was you better local up your daughters and keep a close eye on your wives, because these guys may look like she-males with a seriously bad taste in clothes, but in reality they were serious womanizers and professional Lotharios, capable of bedding any woman who caught their eye.

Except it turns out that this just wasn’t true. Well at least not according to Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider.

Dee, along with Wasp front man Blackie Lawless and Poison’s Brett Michaels, was perhaps one of the more comical exponents of the cock rock genre. With his peroxide cork screw perm, and poorly applied make-up with made him look like a transexual zombie, Snider could often be found clutching the uncooked bone of some poor dumb animal imploring his fans to”Stay Hungry” and screaming hysterically that “We’re Not gonna Take It.” What “we” weren’t going to take is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it was Blackie Lawless’s exploding codpiece or buttock exposing leather pants?

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