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VIDEO: BackstageAxxess interviews Tommy Thayer

After a successful run on his initial first signature series with Epiphone, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer was at NAMM to promote his second series. The Les Paul Outfit "White Lightning" guitar is just as beautiful in person as it looks on video. Tommy is proud of the guitar and why shouldn't he be? We talked about how the idea to do another guitar came about and what went into the specifications of it. It was the night before Tommy played a few songs with glam band Steel Panther and we talked about that as well. In addition, we discussed the upcoming KISS Kruise and how the band can fit more obscure songs into the setlist of either the electric or acoustic show. Check out his response is right here.

Tommy has been nothing but gracious to us and I personally have interviewed him four times now. He is always one of my favorites to talk with. A small distraction during our interview is the Robbie Krieger band. The band started to play during our interview so you will hear a little classic Krieger. It doesn't get more candid than this. Enjoy KISS and The Doors coming together a little! (backstageaxxess.com)

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