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Rock Band KISS Inspire Devilish Steamed Bread in Japan

(Wall Street Journal) You wanted the best, you got the best — the spiciest steamed bread in the world, KISS!

Japanese convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus Co. said it will start selling black-colored, spicy steamed bread at its stores for a limited time in celebration of the Japan tour of KISS and the rock band’s 40th anniversary.

The Geki-kara (extra spicy) Chili Tomato Man bread will go on sale Feb. 24 for ¥130 ($1.10). It will include bamboo charcoal in the buns to give it its dark color, and the tomato-based sauce inside will be made ‘hotter than hell’ with red peppers and jalapeno powder.

“The product was made spicy inspired by the hard rock music performed by Kiss,” a spokeswoman for Circle K Sunkus told Japan Real Time Thursday.

According to the convenience store chain, the hot steam bread debuted in 2013 during the band’s tour of Japan, and sold 500,000 pieces then.

KISS will kick off their five-show Japan tour on Feb. 23 in Nagoya and play their final show in Tokyo on March 3.

Hamburger chains in Japan rushed out black-colored products last year, with Burger King releasing its kuro burger in September followed by McDonald’s Ikasumi (squid ink) burger the next month.

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