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VIDEO: KISS Tokyo Press Conference - Feb 21, 2015

"MAiDiGiTV" - (Translated) Worldwide popularity of rock band "KISS" is February 21, came was held in Tokyo in diary press conference , single popular idol group that collaboration in "try Na blooming in Ukiyo of Dreams," " appearance and Momoiro Clover Z (thigh black) ". Gene Simmons responsible for vocals and base lens san but met "various artists, this enough to guru loves fan loop is not. black nor true meaning rock star. him to shoot everyone The Let's go kana "and it was a state of drunk.

And even be continued before it was on stage in KISS black appeared members of KISS in delight, also also seemed that completely frank and such each other playful with members of the black. Vocals and guitar Mr. Paul Stanley in charge of over the "work of the thigh black is really it was fun. Students looked back and you are full of spirit as-out alive ...... ".

Also, '14 Department of KISS Kanako Momota's thigh black that special participation Reno Tokyo Dome performances "I dont excitement in everything he enthusiastic as I wish. want to hottest live in Japan. "  Single "Do not try to bloom Ukiyo dream" is playing with KISS composer, peach black responsible for singing, and "peach black board" "KISS Board" is now on sale. KISS 40 anniversary until March 3 from the 23rd held a Japan tour. The same band is coming to Japan since October 2013, about one year and four months the first time in the first.

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