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KISS on TV: Gene Simmons Movies

There are plenty of Gene Simmons movies coming up the next couple of weeks. No less than a dozen separate airings of four of Gene's movies are on between Friday and May 7th. The May 1st airing of EXTRACT is on the new digital broadcast network, LAFF, which is available in about half of the United States.

  • April 24 on CSONY at 2:20 PM (RUNAWAY)
  • April 24 on FLIX at 9:30 PM (BE COOL)
  • April 25 on CSONY at 9:45 AM (RUNAWAY)
  • April 28 on CSONY at 4:50 AM (WISH YOU WERE DEAD)
  • April 28 on FLIX at 8:00 PM (BE COOL)
  • April 30 on CSONY at 8:25 AM (WISH YOU WERE DEAD)
  • May 1 on LAFF at 2:00 PM (EXTRACT)
  • May 2 on Showtime at 7:00 AM (BE COOL)
  • May 3 on Showtime at 10:30 AM (BE COOL)
  • May 3 on Showtime at 8:00 PM (BE COOL)
  • May 6 on CSONY at 7:20 AM (RUNAWAY)
  • May 7 on Showtime at 9:30 AM (BE COOL)

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