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Bruce Kulick Releases New KKB Single 'Got To Get Back'

Before Bruce Kulick became a member of the legendary rock band KISS, touring and recording many hits during the 12-year non-makeup era of the band, Kulick started out in NYC, fantasizing about being on stage, recording and having the world hear his passion for music. Little did he realize that every musical experience he encountered, especially in his teenage years, would actually prepare him for accomplishing his dream of being a world-renowned lead guitarist.

Kulick was a huge fan of the British rock invasion of America in the '60s, with bands like The Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin and The Who leading the charge. These bands inspired him to play guitar, and to seek out other players in the Jackson Heights area of Queens, NY, hoping to make some original music that could satisfy his creative appetite. Enter neighbor Mike Katz, who lived on the same street as Kulick. Katz, who was also heavily influenced by the bands of that era, was a consummate bassist, who sang and wrote music in a style that was easily interpreted for Kulick's lead playing. A local drummer named Guy Bois rounded out the trio in proper fashion with his powerful drumming, and his parents' basement was the breeding ground for all the rehearsal and creation of music to follow.

Although the band had no name, Kulick, Katz and Bois created a unique blend of power trio rock, with progressive stylings and melodic hooks. After many rehearsals, the three young players booked a NY studio to properly record their musical concoction. The end result, in September 1974, was music that felt urgent, intense and compelling. Sadly, with no clear direction for the group to follow this recorded music, the band never played together live and the trio all went their separate ways.

The reel-to-reel tape of those sessions sat gathering dust in Kulick's home, until a garage sale discovery of a Teac tape recorder gave new life to the hidden musical treasure. Friends with whom Kulick shared the recording all agreed: "You must release this music for people to hear." The tape was transferred and, after some cleaning up of the tracks, Kulick released KKB 1974 in 2008. The limited-run CD sold out quickly.

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