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Kiss: "40th Anniversary in Verona" - Interview with Tommy Thayer

(Translated) Hosting the Kiss on the virtual pages of Metallus.it is for us a great honor. We were able to interview Tommy Thayer , guitarist of the band since 2003 and the fifth member of the band for a long time, waiting to see Simmons and partners on stage of ' Arena of Verona , a unique event in the world (as we say the same Thayer) that is repeated for the second time after the show in 2008. We are not more in the skin and also the band seems ready to put fire to Europe to celebrate 40 years of great immense rock. You wanted the best, you got the best : the Spaceman Tommy Thayer of Kiss .

Hello Tommy, first of all thanks for your time and your availability; it is an honor to host you here on Metallus.it. First of all, your new European tour will begin soon, on May 30 in Germany. Are you ready?

We are completely ready, we concluded the evidence and we have prepared a show very dynamic; we will have an exhibition with the spider that will bring in Europe once again. Now we are finishing the last things and then we start to get started in Germany and start kicking ass to the sound of rock'n'roll.

Can we expect something special to show the Europeans? Maybe something that we have never seen before in a show of KISS?

As I said we will have the big spider, but then there are all the classic elements of a show of Kiss. It will be very dynamic, full of effects, fireworks: the audience will have fun no doubt. We are still the best in this kind of thing and we will offer a rock show as unique as ever. Obviously then the music will be the star of the concert.

What can you tell me instead of the setlist? It will be the same as you proposed during the US tour?

There probably will be some small changes. I must tell you frankly that there will be big changes. The show has moments of Kiss and the songs that we can not rule out the setlist: are what make the Kiss what they are. There will still be variations, but you know very well that we can not think of eliminating the classics as Detroit Rock City. In the end, if we precluded classics probably we will make unhappy lot of our fans and we want everyone to be happy, we want you to be happy when you get the our show! Which show Kiss you saw? Were there two years ago in Milan?

No, but I saw you the first time in Verona (2008) and a few years later in Milan for the Sonic Boom Tour (2010).

Thomas, I have to tell you. The Arena of Verona is probably the most beautiful location in the world where we never played. 'A truly amazing place ... so "Verona, get ready! We look forward to playing for you! "

I know just for Verona, are selling some tickets for the special acoustic show that normally propose within the VIP Package with the Meet & Greet. Why only in Verona?

As I said before, for us that's a special place. I remember when we did the meet and greet there the first time, met the fans in this part of the Arena fantastic. Given the affection that we have towards this location, we wanted to give something more to our fans, nothing more, to make it even more special this event.

There are rumors about the fact that having more people to the show sound and because you want to record something on this occasion. There is some truth?

Haha, that's just a rumor ... I have not had any news that will record the show; I do not think so. People talk.

The Kiss are celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band. Can we expect the release of a live album, DVD or something else to dedicate this goal?

I think it is possible that after the tour is published something like a live album or a DVD or some special edition. It 'still a difficult goal to achieve and in the few bands are really successful, it is a milestone. I do not yet know the details of it and do not know anything specifically. But I think it's a great idea!

A few days ago Paul Stanley stated that Kiss will not release more new album in the future. What is your point of view on the issue?

What I think he meant is that there are currently no plans for a new album. I do not think he meant that Kiss did not record an album ever again. It never says, it can happen that someone says "we do a new album" and weeks later maybe could be ready. When surely there are no plans to do so, but I think it is still a possibility that sooner or later head back to the studio to record a new album.

In July will be released cartoon "Rock N Roll Mystery", which you will see in version cartoon with Scooby-Doo. I know you were all involved in the creation of this film regarding your parts. What can you tell me about this experience?

I must tell you that we really enjoyed. Being part of such a film with a character as iconic as Scooby-Doo was exciting and very fun. We each had a script and we went to record our parts; actually it was a very fast, it took no more than a few hours each. It 's great to know then that this film will be shown in a room and there will be our voices. I think we did a good job.

Ok we have one last question for today available. Do You Kiss guitarist since 2002. If I had to choose, what was the most magical moment you spent with the band as an official member?

Hahaha good question. It 'hard, every time I go on stage with the band for me is a magical moment. However, if I have to pick one, I'd say the first US tour with Kiss in 2003. I remember the night we played at Madison Square Garden in New York, the most famous venue of the World. I remember that I was there on the stage of Madison and could not believe it: being there, with make up, play "Black Diamond". I had the chills. And 'one of those experiences I never forget. A dream come true.

Ok Tommy, this is all for today. You can close the interview with a final message for the Italian KISS fan and a ticket to your concert in Verona.

Hello to all the Italian fans. We love you and we will be up to you to Verona in a couple of weeks. We look forward to pull a little 'kick ass, Italy is one of the countries where we prefer to play, the fans are so passionate. It will be another great event at the Arena, as it was in 2008. See you there! Cheers!

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