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The New KISS Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

KISS has teamed up with Stern Pinball for the release of a new KISS pinball machine.

IGN reports that artist Kevin O'Connor, who contributed the hand-drawn art for the KISS console originally released in 1978, returned to contribute to the new machine.

"They're a great rock 'n' roll show, with great theatrics," explained Stern CEOGary Stern. "Their makeup, their look, it's just cool for pinball."

The new machine will feature a giant Gene Simmons head that "spits [balls] out for the 'Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo' multi-ball mode." According to Stern director of marketing Jody Dankberg, that's just one way the new game attempts to reflect the KISS concert experience.

"At a Kiss concert, [Paul Stanley] likes to fly out into the crowd and he plays on a little stage . . . We re-created that with the ball," Dankberg explained. "The ball will float the back panel on a magnet, land on the stage, then the toy Paul Stanley is going to rock out to 'Love Gun.'"

10 famous KISS hit songs: "Deuce", "Hotter Than Hell", "Lick It Up", "Shout It Out Loud", "Detroit Rock City", "Calling Dr. Love", "Rock And Roll All Nite", "Love Gun", "Love It Loud" and "Black Diamond"
  • Custom speech from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
  • Full-color high-intensity animated LED music lights
  • High-fidelity stereo sound effects and music
  • Original Gene Simmons/Demon head molded toy
  • K-I-S-S spell-out Drop Targets
  • Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo player experience
  • Fire-Breathing Demon "God of Thunder" Multiball Event
  • Flying Starchild "Love Gun" Multiball Event

Pricing and Availability:
Pro Model: $5,995 MSRP
Premium Model: $7,595 MSRP
Limited Edition Model: $8,795 MSRP

There is no official release date or price for the new pinball machine.

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