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Concert Review: Prague at O2 Arena on June 8

One thing you can always say about Kiss is that they put on a big show. Their concerts are always pushing for newer and flashier gimmicks.

The 40th anniversary tour is now winding down, but there was little sign that the band members were bored with the act, though it was hard to tell from their faces due to the iconic makeup. They performed in Prague at O2 Arena on June 8.

A giant banner with the band’s name covered what was happening on stage after the opening act, the Dead Daisies, finished. When the banner dropped, Kiss tore into “Detroit Rock City” from the classic album Destroyer, accompanied by belching flames onstage and a hyperactive laser light show.

The capacity crowd, with many people in Kiss makeup and platform shoes, made it hard to see from the stage floor, but oversized videoscreens helped to compensate.

The band’s current lineup now includes original members Gene Simmons on vocals and bass and Paul Stanley on vocals and rhythm guitar, plus Tommy Thayer on lead guitar and Eric Singer on drums. With this lineup they have been exploring more of the back catalog live, even delving into the “without makeup” era. The original lineup hasn’t played together since 2001.

New for Prague, the band added the song “Cold Gin” from KISS to the setlist, replacing “Parasite” from Hotter than Hell. During the South American phase of the tour, the song “Hide Your Heart” was in this spot.

Highlights of the show included Simmons elevating on wires to a platform high above the stage for a bass solo. Not to be outdone, Stanley rode a wire out to a small platform in the middle of the crowd for “Love Gun” from the album of the same name. This was accompanied by an illuminated mirrored disco ball.

Thayer shot fireworks out of his guitar, and Singer’s drum station elevated into the air, as well.

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