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What Gene Simmons Taught Wall Street at the Small-Cap Stars Conference

In December 2014, rock legend Gene Simmons was a special keynote speaker at the inaugural Equities.com Small-Cap Stars Conference held at the NASDAQ MarketSite. Simmons so was enthralled with the experience, the image of his participation is actually the coverage photo for his Twitter profile! The KISS frontman stood as tall as ever as he was broadcasted on the MarketSite tower overlooking Times Square. Rock and Roll Legend, multi-billion-dollar merchandising genius of KISS, Reality TV Superstar, New York Times best-selling author, strategic marketing phenom, global icon, self-made rags-to-riches entrepreneur—call him whatever you want, but it’s undeniable that Gene Simmons is success personified. At the conference, Simmons shared a valuable message—one that he detailed in his latest book, Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business, in which he discusses a lifetime of field-tested and hard-won business advice with readers. No stranger to controversy and an unabashed self-promoter, Simmons has never been one to pull his punches. Yet, whether you agree with him or not, he knows how to get people talking. More importantly, he knows how to leave a lasting impression.

Back Stage Interview[LINK]

Gene Simmons Keynote Presentation[LINK]

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