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15 Things Only KISS Fans Will Understand

KISS fans know that their heroes are the greatest rock band on the planet, and that their 2014 induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was long overdue.

Think about it: for over 40 years Gene Simmons and co. have dominated arenas worldwide, consistently putting out some of the greatest albums in rock history and writing many of the most anthemic songs ever to grace the genre. On top of that, their iconic image has been ripped off by more bands than anyone can count (that means you, Slipknot!). They deserve wider recognition, yet they still seem to be a cult band, worshipped by fans and overlooked by everyone else.

One thing is for sure – few bands have a fanbase as dedicated as KISS. The relationship between the band and its super-fans has long been interdependent, with the group encouraging its devotees to dress up for conventions and gigs. Outsiders don’t understand just how important the band is to their fans, but it is telling KISS have continued to amass followers of all ages across their four decades of existence. Those outsiders may know of a few of the items on this list, but they certainly won’t know all of them. Truly dedicated KISS fans will know all 15 of the facts, merchandise events, songs and doctrines included here.

Some might think KISS fans are obsessed. That they’re crazy, crazy people. But real fans know different – they’re willing to go all the way to show their commitment to KISS.

15. It’s KISS, Not Kiss

Firstly, every true KISS fan knows the name is capitalised. Although it’s not completely clear what the name stands for (is it a reference to “keep it simple, stupid”? Or “Knights In Satan’s Service”? “Kinder SS”? “Kids In Satan’s Service”? Is it even an actual acronym? Simmons says not…), all fans should be spelling it the way the band intended – and the way the logo presents it!

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