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KISS fan thinks she meets Gene Simmons, only to learn he’s an imposter

A young fan was thrilled when she thought she had met Gene Simmons — until the rocker himself had to break the news she had been duped.

A fan named Stefanie tweeted the KISS front man Sunday to thank him for posing with a young girl, presumably her daughter.

“.@genesimmons Thank you. You made her day,” she wrote.

Alas, the 65-year-old star had to inform her that the guy in the red shirt and long, dark hair wasn’t actually him.

“So sorry, but that's not me,” he tweeted back.

“There are a number of people going around impersonating me. Apologies.”

After the rock star responded, the photo was quickly deleted.

But that didn’t stop Simmons’ other fans from making jokes about the Simmons wannabe.

“Not sure what’s worse,” one person tweeted the rock star. “Dude thinking he looks like gene or the poor fan actually believing that was gene.”

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